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External Data Security Officer for companies according to German BDSG law.
Professional consulting for operators, installation companies and end consumers about TV signal distribution and reception over Satellite, Cable, Antenna and Internet.
Consulting about all aspects of network and multimedia technology in the office and home. Professional help with secure protection against data loss in the office and home with defined procdures.

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Training of Managers

Training for managers by an experienced manager. For all day to day business, where handling of information and multimedia data is required.
From data management and security to multimedia technology. Technical and conceptual coaching through all presentation tasks.

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Training of Individuals

Individual training and help for private persons by an experienced media expert. For all topics which touch the private handling of PC, Internet and data files.
From PC software, data backup and network technology over audio, photo and video technology up to home cinema installation.

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Media Technology

Technical information about audio, photo and video technology and corresponding software. Optimal work flow for digital photography for beginners and experts.
Creation and consulting with digital audiovisual multimedia shows with provided text, photo, graphic, music, audio and video material.

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Data Management

Basic information about data file storage, extensions, container and coding. Useful procedures and powerful software for better management of files.
Protection of digital data with manual and automatic procedures like backup, synchronization, version control, restoration, virus protection, firewall and encryption.
Convenient and secure encryption of data on PC and on Internet for e-mail and online storage. Efficient and secure password management for PC and Internet.

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