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PGP Information

  • PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is a secure, standardized, relatively simple and also free method for encryption of files and e-mails.
  • See also: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Good_Privacy
  • Some public keys are also published in databases on Internet. On the following websites you can e.g. search for names and e-mail addresses:
    All Keys: keys.gnupg.net, registered keys: keyserver.pgp.com

PGP Keys

PGP Software

  • Windows: GPG4Win (free)
    Download: www.gpg4win.de/about-de.html
  • Outlook: Plugin GpgOL (is part of Gpg4Win)
  • Thunderbird: Addon Enigmail is since end of 2020 with Version 78 no more required. However for key management GPG4WIN is still recommended.
    Download: www.thunderbird.net

S/MIME Information

  • S/MIME (Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) is a secure, standardized, but more complex and not necessarily free method for the encrpytion of files and e-mails..
  • See also: de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pretty_Good_Privacy
  • Public keys are not published in databases on Internet. But they are transmitted with signed e-mails.


  • E-Mail: rudolf.eyberg[zavinac]mtlc.eu
    Public key (valid until 2025-08-15):
    Fingerprint SHA-1: BC:3F:10:37:DC:16:A8:9A:C9:CF:A2:48:3A:67:F6:48:A1:C9:3E:1A
    SHA-256: E1:BC:FA:A1:12:C4:11:B1:0C:7D:8B:1F:F6:CC:DF:B5:12:E5:05:21:67:B4:F1:42:C4:74:B0:02:B2:99:DF:D8
  • You will receive the current public S/MIME keys in every e-mail signed with S/MIME automatically. The e-mails from MTLC are signed with S/MIME.

S/MIME Software

  • In most E-Mail Clients S/MIME is already implemented. However for key management GPG4WIN is still recommended.
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