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  • MediaTechnoLogicConsult
    Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Eyberg
  • Oberdorfstr. 1, 78194 Immendingen, Germany
  • Tel: private!
  • E-Mail: info[zavinac]
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Important web site updates and news of MTLC are listed on "News" with date and modification.
Please note, that the business activities of MTLC are suspended due to other full time occupation. This website is therefor only a private and non-commercial acitivity.

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Company Mission

The goal of MTLC is the complete consulting, information and training about all areas of efficient administration, securing, editing and presentation of digital data.
Privacy, IT-Security, Quality and Usability by design are the focus of MTLC consulting for the digital processes, products and services of clients.
Central focus with this are companies, staff and private persons, who can act as users and customers of digital services.

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Company History

The idea of MTLC grew up in the year 2005 through the intensive work of company founder Rudolf Eyberg challenged with creation and demonstration of professional digital multimedia presentations.
For this Rudolf Eyberg is able to reuse his knowledge and experience from international management positions. Details about this can be found on his profile on Xing and Linkedin.

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Company Logo

The abbreviation and the logo of MTLC represent the complete consulting about technology and logic of multimedia.
The three squares Red-Green-Blue represent the basis of digital image display technology, but are also a symbol for the immense capabilities of the human visual sense through the powerful cooperation of human eye and brain.

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  • Company: MediaTechnoLogicConsult
  • Owner: Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Eyberg
  • Registration: Business activity of MTLC supended
  • Value Added Tax Number (VAT-ID = USt-ID): DE296334828

Information about general liability, privacy protection, right for revocation and legal notices are currently only available on the German version Impressum of this page.

Picture Credits

The rights of pictures, which are used on the web pages of MTLC are either with Rudolf Eyberg or are "Public Domain CC0", see Some photos with "Creative Commons public domain deed CC0" are taken from the good Pixabay archive at

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Currently on the MTLC web pages no Cookie functions are used. Web Tracker technology is also not implemented. JavaScript is only used rarely and is not required for reading the content of MTLC web pages. If certain JavaScript functions are required, you will see a specific notification about this.
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